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Precision Blunt Jaws Kocher 1x2 Rat Tooth Thumb Forceps 12"

Precision Blunt Jaws Kocher 1x2 Rat Tooth Thumb Forceps 12"

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Made of high quality stainless steel promising durability, long life span, and anti corrosion properties. Manufactured for optimum utility, easy to sterilize, and fully autoclavable.
Featuring a refined grip with parallel groves, strategically engraved on either side of the stainless-steel exterior to ensure a sturdy hold. The corrugated handle design offers smooth maneuvering, giving you more control.
1x2 toothed tip produces a strong grip on small objects. These reusable tools are suitable for both right or left hand users. Lightweight feel allows anyone to use it for extended hours.
Manufactured from AISI 420 Premium Grade Stainless steel.
The forceps can be used for so many activities, hobbies and procedures from efficient and safe Medical use, to Home and Garden. People use these handy Forceps for sewing, fishing, copy machines, cactus pruning, pet tick removal, hobby projects, taxidermy, electronic repair, reptile feeding and so much more.
Equally easy to operate for professional and personal use. Versatile and durable tool ideal for a wide range of applications including food plating, electrical repairs, DIY craft projects, jewellery making, Handling Lab materials and specimens, feeding reptiles + more.
Every forceps is independently tested and selected to ensure the performance you expect. The result is a quality item backed by our commitment to your satisfaction. A2Z Scilab offers a wide selection of forceps with blunt and precision serrations in various sizes for maximum efficiency, all at affordable prices.

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