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Stainless Steel Kitchen Tweezers Straight Serrated Tips 12" Large Food Tongs for Commercial & Home Kitchen Use

Stainless Steel Kitchen Tweezers Straight Serrated Tips 12" Large Food Tongs for Commercial & Home Kitchen Use

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Easy to Maneuver –– Perfectly calibrated to ensure that they are easy to squeeze and maneuver. The ergonomic grip eliminates the danger of falling out of a user's hands.
Optimum Size & Design –– The tips is designed for removing or gripping small items or for spearing pickles or removing sliced cucumbers from a tray or picking up food or non-food items out of a mixture. Also useful for reaching and taking an object out of space too narrow to get your fingers through.
Wide Applications –– Versatile and durable tool ideal for a wide range of applications including lifting, turning, and detailed food adjustment while maintaining the integrity of delicate ingredients during plating. Sitting on the countertops or next to your fine china, these stainless steel kitchen tweezer food tongs have almost surgical precision pretty good for getting to those fish bones.
Superior Craftmanship –– Featuring a refined grip and non-slip texture in the form of parallel groves, strategically and thoughtfully engraved on either side of the stainless-steel exterior to ensure maximum grip and sturdy hold. The internal teeth at the front end are flattened and polished to maintain a good grip and avoid leaving unsightly tooth marks on the food.
Reusable & Dishwasher Safe –– Suited for platings, presenting, and arranging small and delicate foods, herbs with thin stems, bite-size hors d'oeuvres, or small edible decorations. These kitchen tongs are made of top quality materials which is easy to clean. Simply put them in the dishwasher and hey presto, you're already finished.
Premium Quality Materials –– Manufactured from AISI 420 stainless steel, the product conforms to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, FDA, and other Quality Standards. Enables a high degree of precision and flexibility while conducting delicate procedures.
Smooth finish for aesthetic and corrosion resistance prolonging the life span of the product.

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