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Dissecting Thumb Forceps Tweezers 12" (30.5 cm), Blunt Serrated Tips

Dissecting Thumb Forceps Tweezers 12" (30.5 cm), Blunt Serrated Tips

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Made from premium grade stainless steel, promising durability, long life span, and anti corrosion properties. Manufactured with a non stick, anti-glare surface and smooth finish.
Features a long handle for retrieving materials from bottles, beakers, crucibles, and jars. Easy to pick small quantities from deeper bottles and jars with small openings. Offers the right amount of flexibility to move easily around curves and corners of containers.
Featuring a refined grip with parallel groves, strategically engraved on either side of the stainless-steel exterior to ensure a sturdy hold. The corrugated handle design offers smooth maneuvering, giving you more control.
Ergonomically Designed handle and thin tips help in accessing narrow areas, removing or gripping small items with ease. Lightweight feel allows anyone to use it for extended hours. Safe, effective and convenient, these tools are used for various different tasks that require precision and delicate handling. A safe and hygienic choice for medical schools, labs, organizing medical supplies + more.
Blunt serrated jaws are designed to be narrow towards the tips. Produces a strong grip on small objects making it one of the essential tools used in lab tasks.These reusable tools are suitable for both right or left hand users. Lightweight feel allows lab technicians and student interns to use it for extended hours.
Perfectly calibrated to ensure that they are easy to squeeze and maneuver. The NON-SLIP Ridged Grip Handle eliminates the danger of falling out of a user's hands.
These reusable forceps are easy to sterilize and disinfect for repetitive use.Easy to disinfect, these forceps are fully autoclavable. provides high degree of precision and flexibility while conducting the clinical procedure.

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