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Large Animal Dissecting Kit of 25 pcs (High-Grade instruments.)

Large Animal Dissecting Kit of 25 pcs (High-Grade instruments.)

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Large Animal Dissecting Kit (High-Grade instruments.):

Canvas roll case w/ adjustable Loops / 2 pockets
6-1/4 in. Stainless steel Peans haemostat-Straight
5-1/2 in. Stainless steel Kelly haemostat-Curved
#3 surgical Handle
#10 Scalpel Blades (6)
#11 Scalpel Blades (6)
4-1/2 in. Straight Iris Scissors
5-1/2 in. Sharp/Blunt operating Scissors
4-1/2 in. Straight Forceps:
Fine Serr. Tips w/Guide Pin; Serrated Grip 4-1/2 in. Straight Forceps:
Medium Serr. Tips, Serr. Grip w/ Guide Pin Stainless steel mall-probe and seeker:
Hexagon 3? in. Handle; 2? in. Seeker
5-1/4 in. section lifter:
4-3/4 in. Wood Handle; 1-1/2 in. Length x 7/8 in. Wide Blade
Straight teasing Needle w/
3.25 in. steel adjustable chuck holder
2-1/2 in. double-prong flesh hooks
6 in. hard Plastic ruler

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