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Premium ENT Inspection Diagnostic Otoscope,Ophthalmoscope set W/Snellen EyeChart

Premium ENT Inspection Diagnostic Otoscope,Ophthalmoscope set W/Snellen EyeChart

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Get a clear look at the patient’s symptoms with our all-in-one diagnostic set! These tools are easy to use and offer an exceptional level of performance. Here is a detailed list of what you will find in the box:

  •         1 Handle (takes 2 "C" batteries not included)
  •         3 Ear Specula ( DIFFERENT SIZES)
  •         1 Bent Arm Illuminator
  •         1 Nasal Adapter
  •         1 Head Lens Wheel
  •         4 Free Extra Bulbs
  •         1 Tongue Depressor
  •         20 spear mini specula size 2.5 mm to 4.0 mm
  •         All Packed in a Zipper Pouch as Shown In the Picture
  •         Picture is of the Actual Product


Item Details:

    • An otoscope is an optical medical device used to examine the outer ear and eardrum.
    • The ophthalmoscope is an instrument that an ophthalmologist or general physician uses for the specific purpose of checking eyes for disease or other disorders.
    • Both the ophthalmoscope and otoscope are instruments that give medical professionals a limited view inside of the body parts.
    • They are noninvasive instruments that use a combination of light and magnifying lenses to peer into specific openings.
    • Both the ophthalmoscope and otoscope are available as a hand-held device similar in size to a flashlight.
    • Includes 10 disposable speculas.
    • Designed for professional medical use however can be used at home to check ear infections.
    • Suitable for professionals or medical students who need to do ENT exams to practice or for their job/school.
    • Comes in a case for easy storage and safe keeping.
    • Light weight, powerful and easy to carry anywhere.
    • Provides high degree of flexibility while conducting clinical procedures.
    • Smooth finish for aesthetic and corrosion resistance.
    • Rust prevention procedure.
    • Tools are rust proof and will hold up to repeated use.
    • Product Conforms to ISO 9001, CE-Quality Mark, ISO 13485, FDA and other Quality Standards.

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