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Stainless Steel Lab Spatula 4" Polished Blade, Vinyl Comfort Grip

Stainless Steel Lab Spatula 4" Polished Blade, Vinyl Comfort Grip

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PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: Made from premium grade stainless steel, promising durability, long life span, and anti-corrosion properties. Resists all wear and tear that comes along in any lab environment. Paired with a vinyl handle, this reusable spatula stays sturdy and doesn't bend when working with gels and pastes. Crafted to keep your hand steady allowing you to work with precision and accuracy.

REUSABLE MULTIPURPOSE TOOL: This reusable tool is fully autoclavable and easy to sterilize to be repeatedly used in the lab. Designed to handle pastes, gel, powdered or granulated material. The blades size and shape open up a range of opportunities for handling, blending, transferring, spreading, sorting, mixing, sampling, and collecting materials.

OPTIMUM SIZE AND DESIGN: Polished stainless steel straight blades with no cutting edge. Manufactured with medium flex so the blade stays firm with light pressure and have some flex with heavy pressure. The blade is attached to the handle with a sturdy structure to keep it firmly in place. 

COMFORT & FUNCTIONALITY: Suitable for both right- and left-hand users. Ergonomic design helps reduce hand fatigue while scraping pigments and mixing pastes. Lightweight feel allows anyone to use it for extended hours. Equally easy to operate and maneuver for professional and personal use. Extensively used by student interns and training instructors.

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